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Your Ideas will participate in the Open Text Innovation Tour 2018, themed “Whether you are ready or not, the Digital Revolution is here”, to be held in Paris on the 10th of April.

The Tour is organised by OpenText, and covers a wide range of subjects such as Customer, Product & Solution Presentations, Technical Analysis, Exhibition Stands, etc.

The event's objective is to present challenges and provide solutions at both the Technical and Operational level aiming for digital transformation, a key issue that has become a strategic challenge for today's businesses.

Your Ideas participated in the 4th Information Technology Conference in Cyprus, in collaboration with A. Th. Loizou Son Ltd & ABBYY Cyprus.

The conference's topic was the manner in which Information Technology can assist Cypriot businesses to adjust and face the worst financial crisis that Cyprus has ever faced, as well as offering practical tools & solutions to them, as to increase productivity and minimise costs and confront the multitude of issues they encounter.

Beyond the presentations, meetings & conversations that took place in A.Th.Loizou’s & ABBY’s Kiosk, Your Ideas conducted a central presentation titled “Automation, Recognition & Extraction of Data from Business Documents”.

Your Ideas Ltd. participated in a business breakfast organised by ABBYY Cyprus in cooperation with the A.Th. Loizou Son Ltd, which was held on October 13, 2013 in Hotel Hilton Cyprus, Nicosia.

The event’s objective was the presentation of Solutions concerning the coverage of various Insurance Market needs, through which the operational flexibility & improvement in the extraction & administration of business data are ensured

Your Ideas presented the ABBYY FlexiCapture & OpenText DM eDOCS platforms, two leading solutions which, combined, encompass both the automated document processing for identifying & capturing of data, as well as archiving, classification, record keeping & management of said data.

Your Ideas Ltd. participated in an event organised by ABBYY Cyprus in cooperation with A.Th. Loizou Son Ltd, which was held on October 10, 2012 in Hotel Hilton Cyprus, Nicosia. Part of the event was a presentation of ABBYY, which specialises in Artificial Intelligence tech to provide leading solutions for the efficient recognition, capture, translation and transformation of information into accessible, editable and usable knowledge.

Your Ideas presented ABBYY FlexiCapture, which provides document processing methods for classification and data capture, as well as a live solution, Automated Invoice Processing, based on ABBYY FlexiCapture.

Claims processing for an Insurance Company, is a very demanding and responsible process. It consists of multiple different activities related to document collection, evidence delivery, communicating with third parties, data & fact checking, internal coordination & monitoring to ultimately result in timely and optimal services provided to the insured.

It is clear that the creation & maintenance of an Electronic Car Damages File ensures seamless monitoring & processing, adhering to the current regulations framework while offering quality services to the client. .

The Claim Management Solution, which is utilised by Syneteristiki Insurance, is based in OpenText’s eDOCS Information Management platform and covers all the functional requirements of the Insurance company, relating to car damages management.

Adapting the aforementioned solutions to the needs of Sineteristiki Insurance, as well as maintenance and support services, is a task that has been undertaken byYour Ideas Ltd, OpenText’s reseller in Greece. .