The solutions provided by Your Ideas enable businesses, to significantly reduce time spent between investment amp; implementation, to actively utilise existing information and to reduce operating costs, all while improving the internal workings and the provided quality thus resulting in maximisation of competitiveness.

Document Management & Insurance Company Process Automation, pertaining to multiple objects, in accordance to the functional and organisational needs of each Division

As an example, it supports:

  • Application Management
  • Compensation/Damages Management
  • Contract Renewal Management
  • Associate Folder Management
  • Accident File Management
    • Claims Notification
    • Communication / Information Exchange with an Insurance Information System
    • Automated Folder Generation
    • Classification / Keeping of accident documents per folder
    • Issuance of "registration documents" & receipts of accident documents
    • File completeness monitoring under the minimum required document categories
    • Prior Incident Tracking
    • Locating Beneficiaries
    • Contract & available claims tracking
    • Automatic settler selection based on a rule set
    • Dynamic Accident Files list, per agent
    • Locating & assignment to an expert
    • Accident Care Support
    • Automated claims assignment via email & fax
    • Monitoring & notification to meet the deadlines of the various actions
    • Report Generation
  • Customer File Creation containing all the relevant documents for all their products (contracts, renewals, I.D., vehicle registrations, etc.), so that the Insurance provider may have a clear picture of the products that relate to each client and at the same time monitor and carry out all actions necessary for both internal processes as well as required services to the customer.
  • Import documents from specific Outlook accounts (classification, integration into a business process)
  • Import documents from a Fax Server and automatically send faxes via an interface with the existing solution
  • Import documents from CONET. Extraction of application characterisation data from the file produced and automated insertion of said data into the solution with the concurrent initialisation of the relevant business process.
  • Automated communication with associates (agencies, experts, repair shops, Roadside Assistance Companies, etc.)
  • Communication with other systems, such as DIAS (Interbanking System) &
  • Interfacing with an existing ERP system, so that the documents generated by said system are automatically imported into the Solution, accompanied by their indices to ensure correlation. Depending on the type of document and the utilisation of the pertinent keys, the relevant Case File is located and the document is filed within. Only if correlation is impossible does the system forward the document to the user responsible for a manual identification.
  • Compliance with regulations, Bank of Greece directives, etc.

Digital Contract Management Solution for a convenient and rapid Electronic Archiving & Management of contracts.

Provides a range of functionality, including:

  • Contract lifecycle management, from drafting up to submission to the relevant Financial Services.
    • Scanning of the signed contract, Classification & Archival
    • Contract Indexing & Sorting
    • Automated creation of an electronic Contracts Archive, in the form required by Taxis
    • Contract Interrelation (i.e. Initial Contract with extensions or revisions / adjustments)
  • User / Role based access management
  • Multilingual Management Environment Support (each user may select the language of their working environment)
  • Interfacing with an existing ERP system
  • Contract monitoring & notification
  • If applied to a business group, it offers coordination of the company under said group, for the processing of the contracts with absolute clarity as to their status
  • Allows the Introduction & Safeguarding of the business's security policies
  • Deadline observance of the business's obligations to third parties & customers
  • Timely negotiation / renewal of existing contracts, and rapid processing & classifications of new ones.

Offers complete management of Property Archives, aggregating all functionality that is required for the easy, automated and productive management of information available in various formats (designs, documents, emails & any type of electronic information).

The Automated Document Processing Solution is composed of a series of concrete actions that enable the digitisation, OCR and extraction of the relevant data and allow users to monitor the complete life-cycle of incoming invoices that are handled by the company’s financial services.

The Electronic Document Management Solution covers every level of the invoicing process of a business, from creation to sending / receiving and keeping.

The Personnel Folder Management solution covers the creation, storage & automated supplementation of each Employee File with the relevant documents, assigned per subject.


  • Employee File generation, complemented with its classification data:
    • Full Name
    • SSN(Social Security Number)
    • TIN(Tax Identification Number)
    • Address
    • Hire Date
    • Employment Sector
    • Location of Physical Record, etc
  • Supplementation of the Files with the documents & information relevant to each.
  • Interconnecting each document with the relevant Employee File throughout its full life cycle
  • Document grouping per category (education, prior experience, transfers, illnesses, legal documents, etc.)
  • Notification regarding the introduction of a new document in an existing Employee File
  • Internal Document Handling
  • Full history of user activity on actions pertaining to the Employee File characteristics, as well as their relevant documents

Automated Identification & Categorisation of all necessary documents pertinent to Patient Incident Folders, of patients both internal & external to EOPYY, allows Hospitals to ensure the timely submission of a fully updated Folder, as well as to keep a digital archive of all relevant documents which are available & readily retrievable by all hospital officials.

  • Scanning, Recognition & automated document categorisation / classification based on Incident ID
  • Automated processing & production of Electronic Documents
  • Automatic importation procedure, of documents that comprise each Patient Incident & the characterisation data attributed to these documents during scanning
  • Automatic insertion procedure, of the relevant Documents and their characterisation data, in the form of .pdf files

Incident processing is an especially demanding and accountable process for any insurance company; a process that is composed of multiple diverse activities related to the collection of documents, delivery of evidence, communication with third parties, data & facts controls, internal coordination & monitoring, all converging on a timely & optimal service provision to the insured. It is clear that the creation & observance of a Digital Accident File can ensure its seamless monitoring & completion, both in keeping with regulations as well as offering quality services to the client.